Discover Fun Family Things to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

Las Vegas, Nevada is known as the casino gambling capital of the world. Given the adult nature of many of the city’s top entertainment venues and nightspots, Las Vegas is also known as Sin City. Even the city’s tourism industry promotes the tagline, “ What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas.”

While casino gambling and sports betting still drive the local economy, there is much more to do here as a vacation destination. You could even say that Las Vegas is a great place for family fun. To prove the point, Buzz Feed once posted its top 23 fun things to do for visitors under 21. Below are a few highlights from that original list.

Learn Fun Family Things to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

1. Most casino gamblers know that The Venetian is one of the top destinations on the famous Las Vegas Strip. However, how many visitors know that you can take the whole family on a gondola ride at this top resort as well? Best of all, the ride is actually indoors so weather will never interfere with the family run.

2. Every kid loves M&M’s candy, so why not take the whole family to M&M’s World. The four-story attraction has everything and anything you can think of when it comes to this famous treat. You can even personalize some M&M’s with your own message.

3. Caesars Palace features an ice cream parlor reminiscent of New York’s famous Serendipity 3. At the top of the list for every visitor should be a “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” drink as one of the biggest selling items on the menu.

4. Also on the list at Caesars Palace is the “Fall of Atlantis.” This free show is only 11 minutes long and it is replayed on the hour. It features impressive special effects as well as entertaining animatronic statues.

5. Much of Las Vegas’s past can be traced to the famous mobsters that blazed the trail west to this dessert town. At the Mob Museum, adults will be fascinated with all the ties to some of the most notorious gangsters of that era. Kids will be entertained by a multi-media presentation along with various artifacts that help paint the town’s tainted past.

7. There is nothing more thrilling than taking a ride on a roller coaster. The Strat offers up a thrill ride that actually does the opposite by propelling riders 160 feet into the air in just 2.5 seconds.

More Kid-Friendly Fun Things To Do In Sin City

8. The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay features 15 different varieties of sharks. Adding to the adventure are more than 2000 other interesting animals. Two of the top attractions besides sharks are crocodiles and an eight-foot-long Komodo dragon.

9. The Bellagio has always been one of the top attractions on the Las Vegas Strip. Framed by the famous fountains located in front of this casino resort, kids will be mesmerized by the free water shows. The shows take place throughout the day. However the best time to enjoy the amazing combination of water, lights and music are when the sun goes down.

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