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Britney Spears Stays In Las Vegas For Concerts In 2018

Britney Spears is gaining the confidence of casino magnets in Las Vegas. It is here in Sin City the singer is performing for the past four years. During these four years, Britney Spears performs at Planet Hollywood. It is here the American actress and singer does 250 shows. Unfortunately, Britney’s contract of performing at the facility ends on December 31, 2017.

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The singer can pocket handsome money from the 249 times she appears on stage. However, she only appears for 90 minutes for every performance. It seems that all the exercises and moves the singer makes on stage don’t tire her. There is a word that she is again going back to Vegas. Britney, 36, is a perfect emblem of the youth. Many of her followers are the young generation. When news goes around that she is pitching a tent at MGM Grand Resorts, here fans are happy.

What Las Vegas Casino Will Britney Spears Perform?

Although the news is sweet, fans have to wait a while longer. Britney is not going to perform in 2018. She will start her performance in 2019. U.S. Weekly is reporting that Britney is already in a deal with MGM Resorts. The journal says that the singer will, however, wait until the theater is complete.

The MGM Grand Is Renovating The Monte Carlo Casino

Currently, MGM Resorts is renovating the Monte Carlo facility. The casino conglomerate is using $450 million to renovate the facility. It will change its current state into two separate services. Upon completion, Britney Spears will perform inside The Park Theater. Above all, this is a 5, 300-seat hall from where Britney will perform starting 2019. U.S. Weekly says that the singer is already in a deal. But the casino thinks they cannot speak on mere speculation and rumor.

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Jenn Michaels, the MGM spokesperson, says that it is difficult to speak on a rumor. “We don’t ever respond to speculation or rumors,” the spokesperson says. During her stay at the Planet Hollywood, the facility sells an upward of $135 million worth of tickets. But the casino does not want to disclose the amount it’s paying the singer per show.

Forbes is suggesting that it is possible Planet Hollywood is paying the singer $500, 000 for a performance. Remember that the singer performs 90 minutes per show. Above all, this is what she does in her 249 performances while at Axis. On what MGM is planning to give the singer when she performs in 2019, nobody knows. But the facility says it is an offer that no one will deny.

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Will Britney Spears Do Her Concerts At The Monte Carlo Casino In 2019?

Although Britney Spears is performing at MGM Grand facility, she will not be the first one. The service will host Lady Gaga. There are other performers. They include Ricky Martin, who together with Cher have recurring shows. The other musician is Bruno Mars. The difference, however, is that Spears will have her residence at the facility in 2019.

MGM Resorts intend to continue enticing the younger generation. There is no better strategy than inviting young singers. Britney Spears and Lady Gaga fit the bill. The two singers are 36, and 31 respectively.

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