Discover Fun Family Things to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

Las Vegas, Nevada is known as the casino gambling capital of the world. Given the adult nature of many of the city’s top entertainment venues and nightspots, Las Vegas is also known as Sin City. Even the city’s tourism industry promotes the tagline, “ What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas.”

While casino gambling and sports betting still drive the local economy, there is much more to do here as a vacation destination. You could even say that Las Vegas is a great place for family fun. To prove the point, Buzz Feed once posted its top 23 fun things to do for visitors under 21. Below are a few highlights from that original list.

Learn Fun Family Things to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

1. Most casino gamblers know that The Venetian is one of the top destinations on the famous Las Vegas Strip. However, how many visitors know that you can take the whole family on a gondola ride at this top resort as well? Best of all, the ride is actually indoors so weather will never interfere with the family run.

2. Every kid loves M&M’s candy, so why not take the whole family to M&M’s World. The four-story attraction has everything and anything you can think of when it comes to this famous treat. You can even personalize some M&M’s with your own message.

3. Caesars Palace features an ice cream parlor reminiscent of New York’s famous Serendipity 3. At the top of the list for every visitor should be a “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” drink as one of the biggest selling items on the menu.

4. Also on the list at Caesars Palace is the “Fall of Atlantis.” This free show is only 11 minutes long and it is replayed on the hour. It features impressive special effects as well as entertaining animatronic statues.

5. Much of Las Vegas’s past can be traced to the famous mobsters that blazed the trail west to this dessert town. At the Mob Museum, adults will be fascinated with all the ties to some of the most notorious gangsters of that era. Kids will be entertained by a multi-media presentation along with various artifacts that help paint the town’s tainted past.

7. There is nothing more thrilling than taking a ride on a roller coaster. The Strat offers up a thrill ride that actually does the opposite by propelling riders 160 feet into the air in just 2.5 seconds.

More Kid-Friendly Fun Things To Do In Sin City

8. The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay features 15 different varieties of sharks. Adding to the adventure are more than 2000 other interesting animals. Two of the top attractions besides sharks are crocodiles and an eight-foot-long Komodo dragon.

9. The Bellagio has always been one of the top attractions on the Las Vegas Strip. Framed by the famous fountains located in front of this casino resort, kids will be mesmerized by the free water shows. The shows take place throughout the day. However the best time to enjoy the amazing combination of water, lights and music are when the sun goes down.

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MGM Raises Parking Fee Four Months After Mandalay Bay October 1 Mass Shooting

If you are planning to visit MGM Resorts, beware that you will pay more to park. The resorts are increasing parking lot fee at different rates. The parking fee rates are at different intervals. The casino conglomerate says that the fee hike mainly affects the four-hour mark. But in many facilities, the price stays static up to 24 hours. When raising the fee, MGM Resorts is categorizing its resorts. For instance, there is core, luxury, and ultra-luxury, which means that the parking lot fee varies from category to category.

Why Is MGM Raises Parking Fee After The Mandalay Bay Shooting?

The parking fee is most high in facilities that are most expensive. These are ultra-luxury.Las Vegas resorts that are under this category are Vdara, the Bellagio, and Aria. A majority of the facilities belong to the core. In this list, you will get Luxor, Excalibur, and Circus Circus. There is no precise definition as to where other facilities lie. But because there are three categories, it is easy to say they belong to ‘Luxury.’

Valet Parking

When introducing the new prices, MGM says that all its Las Vegas properties are in this program. The kind of parking that we are talking about is self-parking. As for valet parking, the increase is uniform across all properties. In a statement on the price rise, MGM Resorts says it is necessary.

Fine-Tuning Staff And Maintenance

“Occasional parking rate adjustments are necessary, which is in order. We are also fine-tuning our staff, maintenance, and equipment. We will continue to do so until we meet guest expectations,” MGM Resorts says. The new parking fee price change starts to work on Wednesday. It affects all the 11 Las Vegas properties. For a long time, the Strip is offering visitors free parking. Above all, this stops in 2016. During this time, MGM Resorts makes the announcement. It is the first casino company to introduce parking levy.

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Caesars Resort Will Increase Their Fees Too?

After introducing the fee, Caesars follow suit. Soon afterward, Wynn Resorts join the bandwagon. In the end, almost all high-end facilities in the Strip start charging parking fees. MGM Resort raises its parking fees for the first time in April 2017. During this debut parking fee rise, the facility does not give any explanation. The casino management says that it is raising the fees for a reason. The casino will use the additional parking fee to improve the parking lot.

Besides, the casino company says that the remaining money will go to the construction of a garage. Granted, MGM is currently building a garage near its Excalibur facility. The 3, 000-space garage will offer visitors more ample space. There’s Free Parking.

Fashion Show Mall and the Palazzo Resort

Now that MGM’s 11 facilities are hiking parking lot fees, what is there for visitors? Will there be free parking at the Strip? There is. But you have to look around if you need free parking. There are a few facilities that still offer free parking. Visitors can pull to Fashion Show Mall and the Palazzo Resorts. Sands Venetian also gives visitors free parking. The MGM Resorts parking fee increment is raising mixed reactions. “After the Mandalay Bay mass shooting, facilities beg for visitors. Now that visitors are returning to the Strip, they are hiking fees. This isn’t a good time,” says casino employee.

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Steve Wynn Is Building A Fourth Hotel In Nevada

Steve Wynn is a man to watch. The casino entrepreneur is building the fourth resort in Las Vegas. Wynn is making the hotel at a time many people do not expect. After the October 1 Mandalay Bay Hotel shooting, business falls. It is possible to use this as an excuse for expansion. But Steve doesn’t do this. Instead, the billionaire casino mogul is focusing on how to make things even better. According to him, building a Las Vegas hotel is his pride. Above all, this is what he wants to do. Whether he is a young man or an old man. He wants to build more hotels. Also, this is of course if he has the resources at hand.

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Why Is Steve Wynn Is Building Another Las Vegas Hotel?

The new hotel will have 3, 000 suites. The rooms will be different from what other three hotels have. Steve Wynn says that they will have TV screens with over 80-inches. Besides, Steve says that they will have the ceiling to floor windows. These will give visitors a perfect view of the Strip. He goes on to say that each room will have a spacious bathroom. Everything in the rooms will be exceptional.

Increase In Room Price?

The interviewer asks Wynn whether according to him the rooms will be affordable. “Well, they are. But I can assure you that the price can be more than double the current price,” he says. Wynn goes on to defend his price saying that the rooms are big. Amenities are exceptional. On average, rates on the proposed hotel will cost $400 per night. Currently, the average price of a hotel room in Las Vegas is $149. But there are others that stretch to stretch to somewhere $249 or even more.

Air-Conditioned Hallway To Join Properties

The new hotel will sit where Frontier hotel lies at one point. It is not far from Wynn’s other two properties. In fact, the casino magnate says that he will join the new casino with others. He will use an air-conditioned hallway to connect the resorts. Steve says that he doesn’t see why he cannot have more than 8, 000 rooms. Why? He quickly answers, “The hotel business is profitable. With our hotel rates, we operate at 50/60 percent of the business in the rooms section.”

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Higher hotel Room Rates in Las Vegas?

The casino mogul has a lot to say when the interviewer seeks to know more. For instance, he asks Wynn if he feels that he is building many rooms. He is also supposed to address the issue of higher hotel room rates in Vegas. “There is nowhere in the world you can get a room like that at that rate. Above all, this is a town of 160,000 rooms, in the middle of 6 million square feet of convention space. Also, there are at least 500,000 or 600,000 feet of our own. Vegas has ballrooms and meeting rooms of the highest caliber. And I’m going to get those damn buildings up as fast as I can. I want to capture more of the inevitable tourist traffic. Las Vegas will experience in the next 15 to 20 years,” Wynn adds.

Previous News Article: Las Vegas October 1 Shooting Site To Be Named A SWAT Center .

Las Vegas October 1 Shooting Site To Be Named A SWAT Center

It has been about four months since the Vegas massacre. After going through 3 months of sadness, the Las Vegas shooting site is recovering. During the three months, the site is not open. Now, the event space is open. The operator of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, MGM Resorts is now saying something.

The operator says they may create Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) commander center. The events center where the shooting occurred is part of the Las Vegas village. Above all, this is a property occupying some 15 acres. MGM Grand Resorts owns the property.

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Why Is The Las Vegas Shooting Site Named The SWAT Center?

With that hint from the owner, there’re chances that one day, the site might be a SWAT center. Many will remember it as the venue of the deadliest shooting in history. In a statement that was out last week, MGM is still contemplating. The owner, together with stakeholders is considering what to do with the venue. There are chances that a SWAP will take the site.

Although there is the mention of the center, MGM is yet to complete deliberations. “Utilizing a part of The Village site for law enforcement is one option. Of course, there’re a few other options we’re exploring with Metro,” explained Debra DeShong.

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22,000 People Gathered

The Las Vegas village is an open events center. Above all, this is the venue where more than 22, 000 people are gathering. The night of October 1, 2017, was a good time for the crowd. The people were in the village to attend to a country music concert. Meanwhile, a lone attacker was preparing his riffles planning to attack. He finally managed to shoot to the crowd. The lone attacker was later identified as Stephen Paddock. He had moved to a room on the 32nd floor of the hotel days before the event.

He shot at the crowd, killing 58 people. He left 546 others with various injuries. Stephen killed himself inside his room before police arrived. MGM Resorts spokesperson added that if the venue becomes a SWAT center, there will be no training. DeShong said that the place would handle other things about SWAT but not train.

High Risk Dangerous Attacks

The Las Vegas SWAT is a small team of about 40 experts. The team is in charge of all attacks. But, the team only handles those attacks that are dangerous or high-risk.

SWAT is also responsible for the security of high-profile politicians. It is this team that offers protection to the President or his Vice when they visit Vegas. For instance, it is SWAT that provided security to VP Mike Pence. The VP was in Las Vegas last week. The security team deployed several mechanisms. Among the tools were sniffer dogs. Also present were snipers and helicopters.

People Are Happy The Las Vegas Shooting Site IS becoming A SWAT center

Officers from the Metro Police Department are still investigating the Mandalay Bay shooting. Others assisting in the investigation are agencies from the federal laws. Besides, the State of Nevada is also involved in the probe. On the Las Vegas shooting site becoming a SWAT center, not all are happy. Doug Poppa a former casino security director at the Strip is unhappy. He says the timing is bad. He argues people need time to heal.

Previous News Article: Britney Spears Stays In Las Vegas For Concerts In 2018 .

Britney Spears Stays In Las Vegas For Concerts In 2018

Britney Spears is gaining the confidence of casino magnets in Las Vegas. It is here in Sin City the singer is performing for the past four years. During these four years, Britney Spears performs at Planet Hollywood. It is here the American actress and singer does 250 shows. Unfortunately, Britney’s contract of performing at the facility ends on December 31, 2017.

Britney Spears Tickets

The singer can pocket handsome money from the 249 times she appears on stage. However, she only appears for 90 minutes for every performance. It seems that all the exercises and moves the singer makes on stage don’t tire her. There is a word that she is again going back to Vegas. Britney, 36, is a perfect emblem of the youth. Many of her followers are the young generation. When news goes around that she is pitching a tent at MGM Grand Resorts, here fans are happy.

What Las Vegas Casino Will Britney Spears Perform?

Although the news is sweet, fans have to wait a while longer. Britney is not going to perform in 2018. She will start her performance in 2019. U.S. Weekly is reporting that Britney is already in a deal with MGM Resorts. The journal says that the singer will, however, wait until the theater is complete.

The MGM Grand Is Renovating The Monte Carlo Casino

Currently, MGM Resorts is renovating the Monte Carlo facility. The casino conglomerate is using $450 million to renovate the facility. It will change its current state into two separate services. Upon completion, Britney Spears will perform inside The Park Theater. Above all, this is a 5, 300-seat hall from where Britney will perform starting 2019. U.S. Weekly says that the singer is already in a deal. But the casino thinks they cannot speak on mere speculation and rumor.

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Jenn Michaels, the MGM spokesperson, says that it is difficult to speak on a rumor. “We don’t ever respond to speculation or rumors,” the spokesperson says. During her stay at the Planet Hollywood, the facility sells an upward of $135 million worth of tickets. But the casino does not want to disclose the amount it’s paying the singer per show.

Forbes is suggesting that it is possible Planet Hollywood is paying the singer $500, 000 for a performance. Remember that the singer performs 90 minutes per show. Above all, this is what she does in her 249 performances while at Axis. On what MGM is planning to give the singer when she performs in 2019, nobody knows. But the facility says it is an offer that no one will deny.

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Will Britney Spears Do Her Concerts At The Monte Carlo Casino In 2019?

Although Britney Spears is performing at MGM Grand facility, she will not be the first one. The service will host Lady Gaga. There are other performers. They include Ricky Martin, who together with Cher have recurring shows. The other musician is Bruno Mars. The difference, however, is that Spears will have her residence at the facility in 2019.

MGM Resorts intend to continue enticing the younger generation. There is no better strategy than inviting young singers. Britney Spears and Lady Gaga fit the bill. The two singers are 36, and 31 respectively.

Previous News Article: The Mandalay Bay Hotel Staff Interacts With Shooter More Than 10 Times Before Shootout? .

UFC To Hold A Series Of Fights In Las Vegas

Ultimate Fighting Championship is going back to Las Vegas. The most significant boxing and martial arts fighting in the world is here. Many people who follow this tournament are happy. Already, UFC tickets are circulating. The only challenge is that you can find tickets on very few spots. Nonetheless, what is going as rumors is nowhere. Already, the body organizing this event is out there. The schedule is out. You can know what will happen, when, and where.

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It is good to mention that starting March 2018, the UFC schedule is full. The first event will take place on March 3, 2018. According to the calendar, the day will be on Saturday. This day, what will take place is UFC 222. Exactly four months later, the Ultimate Fighter Finale will take place. This fight will take place on Friday, July 6, 2018. The next battle will take place very fast. It will come on the following day. Above all, this means that Saturday, July 7, 2018, it is a big day. Organizers are not giving much information. All we know is that this day, there will be a fight. It is UFC 226.

Several UFC Fights At Las Vegas Casinos In 2018

The fourth fight will come in three months after the third. This fight is set for Saturday, October 6, 2018. According to those arranging for this event, they call this fight UFC 229. There is the last fight. Many people say this fight will attract many fans. It will take place at the tip end of the year. The timing is good. Many people will be on vacation. Because the fight will take place on the eve of the New Year, the timing is good. Fight number UFC 232 will take place on Saturday, December 29, 2018.

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Several different places will host UFC tournaments through the year. More details about who will be in the fight will be out. There is more information that will come. Much of this will be available at a later date. In the previous stories running across media house, events will be in one location. The body is since making changes. The tournaments will not take place in T-Mobile Arena alone. There are several other areas in Las Vegas. In other news, there are chances that UFC will reschedule seven other rematches. There are many reasons why 2018 will be a big year for UFC.

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UFC 229 And 232 Will Take Place In Las Vegas

Many people are not happy with how things go in 2017. Because of that, some fights will have to take place. They are rematches. The following fights are most likely to take place:

Robbie Lawler vs. Nick Diaz II.
Daniel Cormier vs. Alexander Gustafsson II.
Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit II.
Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Rose Namajunas II.
TJ Dillashaw vs. Dominick Cruz II.
Luke Rockhold vs. Chris Weidman II.
Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz III.

As you wait to see your man/woman win, plan how to buy UFC tickets.

While there may be changes at a later date, the first quarter is official. Dates are set for the first card that will take place on March 3. People learn that UFC card number 222 will take place later. But it is now official that it will take place on this date. Besides, there were rumors that the fights will take place from one place. That is not true.

Previous News Article: Las Vegas’ ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ Slogan Is Back

Las Vegas’ ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ Slogan Is Back

It is three months since the famous Las Vegas Massacre. Most importantly, this is the word that went around in big and small media houses. It happens after a lone attacker spreads fire at a crowd. Above all, this is not good Las Vegas news. After the Mandalay October shooting, it is necessary to put the slogan on hold. The responsible authority puts on hold the use of Vegas slogan. During the massacre, a lone attacker spreads fire on a crowd. The people are gathering at Mandalay Bay hotel. They are here for a country music concert.

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After opening fire, the attacker kills 58 people. Several others survive with wounds. The attacker is Stephen Paddock. It is now three months after the shooting. While families of those victims are groaning, Vegas has to move on. To bring back the glory of the city, the slogan is essential. The responsible body reviews the motto this week. After broader consultations with several stakeholders, the slogan is back. Las Vegas is using the slogan for over 15 years.

The slogan reads, ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here.” If you take it literally, whatever happens, remains. Whatever you see in Sin City, leave it when you go. It can be anything. Immediately after the announcement that the slogan is back, tourists take photos. Many people rush to the streets to locate the banner. The aim is to have a moment on the flag. The work of the review team is to look at how people react. Many people want the slogan back. They say that it is time everything takes place remains. Everything can be either good or bad. But the main point is that whatever it is should stay in Vegas.

Is The Shooting The Reason The What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” Slogan Is Back?

After the Mandalay Bay shooting in October, there is need to hold the banner. Instead, VegasStrong banner comes up. But this is a temporary banner on top of Mandalay Bay. In October and through the following months, the news is everywhere. Many media houses report that it is one of the deadliest massacres. Indeed, when you look at many years back, it is the deadliest. The other deadliest incident took place in 1980. During this unfortunate fire incident, 85 people die. Again, it is inside MGM property.

You can then imagine how news will spread. What is more, the insecurity incident is taking place inside MGM properties. Worst of all, it is in a crowd of people enjoying themselves. Las Vegas is home to the world’s major casinos. Many tourist attractions are in Sin City. Big events such as boxing, jackpots, and music attract millions. Above all, this makes it an easy target for perpetrators. According to the slogan review committee, normalcy is back. Because of this, it is important to bring back the slogan. Many people feel that it should come back.

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People are recovering so does the city. The gaming industry needs to move in months after the unfortunate incident. “We went back a little bit. The research says people want their slogan back. They want their Vegas back. That is what we are giving them,” the slogan review team says. Las Vegas news can now change to good news.

Previous News Article: Las Vegas Casinos To Host Grammy Award Winner Britney Spears, J Lo, And Lady Gaga in 2018

Las Vegas Casinos To Host Grammy Award Winner Britney Spears, J Lo, And Lady Gaga in 2018

The next 12 months will be a big time in Las Vegas. MGM Resorts Grand Park with James Corden will host Lady Gaga starting the fall of 2018. If this happens, Lady Gaga will pocket more than $1 million per performance. The singer of the hit single ‘Million Reasons’ will in the end pocket millions of dollars. It is likely that the deal is too sweet for anyone to deny.

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Las Vegas Casinos Book The Best Grammy Award Winning Performers Like Britney Spears, J Lo, & Lady Gaga

Already, it is clear that Gaga will have a total of 74 performances. That will mean the Million Reasons singer will have a million reasons to sing. In the end, Lady Gaga will have close $100 million. If the amount surprises you, know that you are not alone. The amount amazes many other people. Lady Gaga is bound to pocket even more money. The amount will come from other bonuses. Residents of Sin City are not new to superstar artists and models. Since the 60s through 70s to the 90s, gambling tycoons bring in top performers.

During heydays of Frank Sinatra and guys like Elvis Presley, there are top models. Many casino operators in Sin City consider inviting top artists to their facilities. The result is that Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez visit Vegas. Lady Gaga will not be the first singer to make millions from Vegas. Already, ‘Gimme More’ singer Britney Spears makes more than $130 million. She makes this loot after appearing 249 times at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino . This amount may shoot because the amount is for the tickets that are already out.

Jennifer Lopez & Pink Will Perform At The 2018 Grammys

The Grammy Award singer is expecting something like $5 million or $6 million more. The other artiste to perform at AXIS is Jennifer Lopez. She also pockets a $1 million during her 2016 tour. Recently, Lopez says she is returning to the venue. She will be performing at the place from June 13 through September 29, 2018. Since she doesn’t play the whole night, Lopez will create room.

During this time of the night of extending performance, others will earn too. Those in the list are DJ Calvin Harris and David Guetta. There is $400, 000 a night for each of the DJs. In 2015 when Celine Dion is performing at the Caesars Palace, the facility collects $385.5 million. Celine’s performance marks the start of high-end artists pitching tents. Facilities start to invite different artists. The person with many Instagram and Twitter followers is bound to bring in millions. That is what operators are targeting this year.

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Las Vegas Casinos Look To Capture More Millennials

Besides, it looks it is an ingenious way of capturing millennials. Back in 2015, one organizer of such an event says that it is encouraging. He says it is a good thing to have superstars performing in their facilities. “We see major success with these. So the idea that this is something that will be a detractor to their careers is passed. This is another aspect of touring now,” says Gastwirth. With top artists performing in Vegas, expect many young gamblers visiting facilities. They will place bets as they wish. Also, this is will in turn increase betting activity in Las Vegas casinos.