Centenarian Chef Actively Makes Great Sauces At Bootlegger Bistro

A Centenarian Chef Actively Makes Great Sauces At Bootlegger Bistro

There are a few things that can amaze you on earth. But among these few things, there is the most peculiar. None of them is close to one that is in the Bootlegger Bistro. Above all, this is one of the Las Vegas restaurants where you can get your sauces. The sauces in this restaurant are not like others. They are super delicious. They are fresh and always yummy. But many do not know something. They don’t know who makes these sauces. Sources now confirm that chef Maria Perry is the tasty sauce.

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What Kind Of Sauces Does The Centenarian Chef Make At Bootlegger Bistro?

Chef Maria Perry is 100 years old. Can you believe that even with this age, Maria still works in the restaurant? When people learn this, truth, they wonder. But the fact remains. Chef Maria Perry walks into the restaurant two or three days a week. When the 100-year-old Perry checks in the Bootlegger, she doesn’t check in as a visitor. She is in the restaurant as a worker. Indeed, she is an employee of the restaurant. “I still go in there and check the sauces. I feel responsible. It’s my work to ensure that our clients get the best sauces,” she says of the marinara sauce that you’ll get at Bootlegger. The chef still oversees the quality of the seasoning packets used in the sauces.

Spaghetti, Meatballs And Classic Dishes

Inside the restaurant, you can serve spaghetti and some meatballs. These are some of the classic dishes. But these are the same dishes makes people return to the restaurant. When you seek to inquire why she still works and how she does it, Maria says she manages. She adds that they can retain clients because of the kinds of dishes at the Bootlegger Bistro.

Started In 1972

But for how long does Perry work here? She explains that she is working at the Bootlegger Bistro since 1972. Also, this means that Maria is working in the restaurant for the past 45 years. Even before joining the restaurant, Maria and her husband run a pizzeria.

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101 Years Old

Maria will hit 101 years in March! As a child, Maria learns how to cook from her grandmother. Then, living with her in Niagara Falls, Canada, Maria’s granny runs a boarding house. That is how the young Maria learns how to cook. “My grandma is a good cook. I learn everything from her,” Maria says. Although she works at the Bootlegger, Maria doesn’t work 12 or 15 hours as most cooks do. Nonetheless, Perry feels it is a great honor to see then restaurant grow from its infancy. Bootlegger Bistro together with the lounge opens 24/7.

Does The Centenarian Chef Hang Around For The Bootlegger Bistro Monday Might entertainment?

Lorraine Hunt-Bono, Maria’s daughter, says that the restaurant is a good thing for their family. Lorraine is the co-owner of the restaurant. She says that some days of the week are good to check in the restaurant. Lorraine points to Monday night entertainment when there is plenty of music. In most cases, there is entertainment from local artists like Kerry Clinton. She says that the podium is open for anyone to perform. But she also maintains that it is not amateur night.

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