Bellagio Hotel and Casino Review

the bellagio casino hotel las legas review
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Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The Bellagio or simply Bellagio is a formidable contender at the Strip. The casino resort opens its doors to the public sometime in 1998. Above all, this is an ideal location for those who want to visit the Strip. Why? The Bellagio is a neighbor to a lake that occupies 8.5 acres. When at the Bellagio, you can imagine the beautiful scenery you will be watching. Also, this is an ounce of the enjoyment you will draw.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino Review

Some of the latest development son the facility is the renovation. The hotel underwent its renovation in 2012. The aim is to make it’s 3, 933 rooms fresher. Indeed, if you visit the facility today, it is different. Botanical gardens, dancing waterfalls, and the beautiful butterflies are a must see. These are just a few things that every Bellagio visitor comes to see.

Chanel and Prada Stores

No one can say enough about the Chanel and Prada. The two are high-end boutiques on-site. They give you a chance to select some of the latest fabrics. Almost throughout the year, the facility is full. It is usually hard to find a place to sit. If you do not arrive early to sit on a slot machine or table game, sorry about that.

High Rollers Love Their Table Games And Slot Machines

You need to know one thing: Bellagio is known to be one of the high-end facilities on the LV Strip. Prices are a bit high. Amenities are of high quality. So you can imagine who crowds the area. The money and high rollers are the kinds of people you find here.

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Gourmet Restaurants

Restaurants are usually full. They cook some of the best exotic delicacies. It should not be a surprise when you find dining with a legend. You will find Vegas celebrities. Some come from different states in the US and abroad. Bellagio is a place you need to visit. Many of the guys prefer Jean Georges’ steakhouse. The restaurant offers amazing dinner options. In the afternoon, you will get those who know piling up to Petrossian for late afternoon tea. These are only two of the high-end restaurants.


· Hyde
· The Bank Las Vegas Club.

If you are at the Paris Hotel and Casino, Bellagio is right across. Like most facilities here, Bellagio is an only 15-minute drive from the MGM Grand. There are many cabs around that will take you to and from the hotel. 

The amenities inside the rooms are out of this world

The simple definition of the rooms in this facility is they are contemporary. Even so, they have every sort of sophistication. The amenities inside the rooms are out of this world. Marble is everywhere in the bathrooms. Above all, this is what you are looking. All the 3, 933 rooms are spacious. In fact, Bellagio has some of the most prominent suites on the Strip. They start from 510 square feet and beyond.

The Resort Room At The Bellagio Hotel Resort Is Stunning

The décor is clever. Amenities inside the hotel rooms are fantastic. Each room has all the necessary amenities. The Resort Room is stunning. You will get two variations here. There is one with a green domination and the other with indigo. Each of the rooms has different exotic patterns. There are 40+ inch flat TV screens on the walls. Feel free to do all your shopping from the high-end malls here at the Bellagio.

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Bellagio Hotel and Casino
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