Delano Las Vegas Hotel Casino Review

Delano Las Vegas Hotel Casino
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Delano Las Vegas Hotel Casino

The Events Center, Conference Facility, and massive space characterize the Mandalay Bay. Are you wondering why we are talking about the Mandalay Bay? Above all, this is where Delano Las Vegas is. In fact, Delano is right inside the Mandalay Bay complex. The hotel is vast, bold and a true cosmopolitan area. Here, you will meet all sorts of people.

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Delano Las Vegas Hotel Casino Review

Travelers from all walks of life converge here. Each has their agenda. The good thing is that if possible, all business travelers can fit in the conference room. It is so big. Here is a place you walk into and feel that the meeting never to end. Why? Is there anyone who feels so? Surprisingly yes! You know what! Jaehyo Lee, a Korean artist, does a tremendous job here. The striking color of brown leather coaches is inviting. That is one of the reasons why you want the meeting to extend.

About The Connection With The Mandalay Bay

Although there is a connection with the Mandalay Bay, there is something unique. Perhaps you know how bustling the Mandalay Bay can be. Also, this is where the main difference is. Delano is quieter than the Mandalay Bay. For this reason, visitors can come, enjoy whatever service they wish at the Mandalay Bay. They retire to their hotel rooms at the Delano. Note that this facility does not offer casino option. For those who want to play favorite games, Mandalay Bay is the best option. After all, isn’t it at the same place?

Southern Edge Of The Las Vegas Strip Is Ideal

When you compare Delano with other neighboring party hotels, Delano Las Vegas is cool. There are two full-service restaurants here. You can also find a full-fledged spa. The location of the hotel is ideal. You can find Delano at the southern edge of the Strip. Delano, together with the larger Mandalay Bay hosts major meetings throughout the year. The only challenge will be if you want to walk deeper to the Strip. It will take you more than a half an hour. So, the best option is to hire a cab.

Learn About The Delano Las Vegas Rooms

Rooms at Delano are spacious. Most importantly, this is what many people don’t seem to know. They are bright with white décor and chic. Also, this makes the lighting in the rooms even brighter. For those who love posting pictures on Instagram, this is for you. You will not shy off. When we say rooms are big, that is what it means. A standard room here is 725 square feet. These are among the top biggest hotel rooms in the Strip.

Many visitors complain about the washrooms. The reason maybe it is because they do not go through latest renovation. Overall, you will not complain about anything. Small flat screen TVs, beautiful and comfortable slippers are what makes your stay worth. You will find unique decorations such as succulent pots and large photographs. Many of these pictures feature underwater sceneries. There are not many on-site features. But that does not mean nothing is pleasing here. An extensive spa and fitness center together with a swanky bar dominate Delano.

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Delano Las Vegas Hotel Casino
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  • Wheelchair access
  • Accept credit cards
  • Kids corner
  • Car parking
  • Gift wrapping
  • Bike parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Alcohol
  • Reservations
  • Street Parking
  • Breakfast and Meals
  • Chauffer Check-In
  • Pick Up/ Drop Off Service
  • Car parking
  • Luggage Forwarding Service
  • Pick Up/ Drop Off Service
  • Movie Library
  • Bar
  • Private Dining Hall
  • Rooftop Viewpoint
  • Locker Room
  • Hot tub
  • Fitness Centre