Las Vegas Casinos To Host Grammy Award Winner Britney Spears, J Lo, & Lady Gaga

Las Vegas Casinos To Host Grammy Award Winner Britney Spears, J Lo, And Lady Gaga in 2018

The next 12 months will be a big time in Las Vegas. MGM Resorts Grand Park with James Corden will host Lady Gaga starting the fall of 2018. If this happens, Lady Gaga will pocket more than $1 million per performance. The singer of the hit single ‘Million Reasons’ will in the end pocket millions of dollars. It is likely that the deal is too sweet for anyone to deny.

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Las Vegas Casinos Book The Best Grammy Award Winning Performers Like Britney Spears, J Lo, & Lady Gaga

Already, it is clear that Gaga will have a total of 74 performances. That will mean the Million Reasons singer will have a million reasons to sing. In the end, Lady Gaga will have close $100 million. If the amount surprises you, know that you are not alone. The amount amazes many other people. Lady Gaga is bound to pocket even more money. The amount will come from other bonuses. Residents of Sin City are not new to superstar artists and models. Since the 60s through 70s to the 90s, gambling tycoons bring in top performers.

During heydays of Frank Sinatra and guys like Elvis Presley, there are top models. Many casino operators in Sin City consider inviting top artists to their facilities. The result is that Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez visit Vegas. Lady Gaga will not be the first singer to make millions from Vegas. Already, ‘Gimme More’ singer Britney Spears makes more than $130 million. She makes this loot after appearing 249 times at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino . This amount may shoot because the amount is for the tickets that are already out.

Jennifer Lopez & Pink Will Perform At The 2018 Grammys

The Grammy Award singer is expecting something like $5 million or $6 million more. The other artiste to perform at AXIS is Jennifer Lopez. She also pockets a $1 million during her 2016 tour. Recently, Lopez says she is returning to the venue. She will be performing at the place from June 13 through September 29, 2018. Since she doesn’t play the whole night, Lopez will create room.

During this time of the night of extending performance, others will earn too. Those in the list are DJ Calvin Harris and David Guetta. There is $400, 000 a night for each of the DJs. In 2015 when Celine Dion is performing at the Caesars Palace, the facility collects $385.5 million. Celine’s performance marks the start of high-end artists pitching tents. Facilities start to invite different artists. The person with many Instagram and Twitter followers is bound to bring in millions. That is what operators are targeting this year.

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Las Vegas Casinos Look To Capture More Millennials

Besides, it looks it is an ingenious way of capturing millennials. Back in 2015, one organizer of such an event says that it is encouraging. He says it is a good thing to have superstars performing in their facilities. “We see major success with these. So the idea that this is something that will be a detractor to their careers is passed. This is another aspect of touring now,” says Gastwirth. With top artists performing in Vegas, expect many young gamblers visiting facilities. They will place bets as they wish. Also, this is will in turn increase betting activity in Las Vegas casinos.

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