Las Vegas Shooting Site Named A SWAT Center

Las Vegas October 1 Shooting Site To Be Named A SWAT Center

It has been about four months since the Vegas massacre. After going through 3 months of sadness, the Las Vegas shooting site is recovering. During the three months, the site is not open. Now, the event space is open. The operator of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, MGM Resorts is now saying something.

The operator says they may create Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) commander center. The events center where the shooting occurred is part of the Las Vegas village. Above all, this is a property occupying some 15 acres. MGM Grand Resorts owns the property.

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Why Is The Las Vegas Shooting Site Named The SWAT Center?

With that hint from the owner, there’re chances that one day, the site might be a SWAT center. Many will remember it as the venue of the deadliest shooting in history. In a statement that was out last week, MGM is still contemplating. The owner, together with stakeholders is considering what to do with the venue. There are chances that a SWAP will take the site.

Although there is the mention of the center, MGM is yet to complete deliberations. “Utilizing a part of The Village site for law enforcement is one option. Of course, there’re a few other options we’re exploring with Metro,” explained Debra DeShong.

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22,000 People Gathered

The Las Vegas village is an open events center. Above all, this is the venue where more than 22, 000 people are gathering. The night of October 1, 2017, was a good time for the crowd. The people were in the village to attend to a country music concert. Meanwhile, a lone attacker was preparing his riffles planning to attack. He finally managed to shoot to the crowd. The lone attacker was later identified as Stephen Paddock. He had moved to a room on the 32nd floor of the hotel days before the event.

He shot at the crowd, killing 58 people. He left 546 others with various injuries. Stephen killed himself inside his room before police arrived. MGM Resorts spokesperson added that if the venue becomes a SWAT center, there will be no training. DeShong said that the place would handle other things about SWAT but not train.

High Risk Dangerous Attacks

The Las Vegas SWAT is a small team of about 40 experts. The team is in charge of all attacks. But, the team only handles those attacks that are dangerous or high-risk.

SWAT is also responsible for the security of high-profile politicians. It is this team that offers protection to the President or his Vice when they visit Vegas. For instance, it is SWAT that provided security to VP Mike Pence. The VP was in Las Vegas last week. The security team deployed several mechanisms. Among the tools were sniffer dogs. Also present were snipers and helicopters.

People Are Happy The Las Vegas Shooting Site IS becoming A SWAT center

Officers from the Metro Police Department are still investigating the Mandalay Bay shooting. Others assisting in the investigation are agencies from the federal laws. Besides, the State of Nevada is also involved in the probe. On the Las Vegas shooting site becoming a SWAT center, not all are happy. Doug Poppa a former casino security director at the Strip is unhappy. He says the timing is bad. He argues people need time to heal.

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