Las Vegas Shooting Victims Showing Extraordinary Recovery

It Will Take Time To Heal For Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Doctors tell Frank Calzadillas to say a few words to bid his wife bye. Jovanna is Frank’s 30-year-old wife. But now, she is shot in the head. Doctors say that her chances of surviving are very slim . Jovanna is one of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. On another incident, the staff at the hotel asks whether his wife needs anything. He is referring to an organ donation. The wife of the staff is on life support. Also, this is taking place at University Medical Center.

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How Are Las Vegas Shooting Victims Showing Extraordinary Recovery?

Thankfully, Jovanna is getting on better. She is recovering since October 19. Together with her husband, she is now thanking all those that help survivors. Shortly after the Las Vegas shooting, Jovanna finds herself in hospital. Back then, she doesn’t talk, eat or drink. Nearly four months later, Jovanna can talk, eat, and drink. But she doesn’t talk a lot because she gets tired. She is also in a wheelchair, which she must have someone to support her. The good thing is that she can talk, eat, and drink. She also recounts a few things from the incident scene.

Thanking People That Helped Survivors

Doctor Lindley Bliss is treating Jovanna for a longer time. He is with the patient for the more significant part of the time in the hospital. Speaking on Jovanna’s recovery, Bliss says the recovery is nothing short of redemption. “Her recovery is one of the most profound I’ve seen in my medical career,” he says. Because of her improvement, doctors are discharging her on Thursday. She will go home in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Back home, Jovanna will join her husband. She will also participate their 11-year-old and 3-year-old son and daughter.

Miraculous Gain

To work on regaining her memory and physical strength, she will come back. Yes, Jovanna needs to go back to the hospital in months ahead. Also, this will provide an opportunity to do physical and mental therapies. Doctors say that she makes tremendous progress in the past. They don’t have any doubt about her progress from the physical and mental exercises. Another doctor means that the remaining step is exciting. Through this stage that Jovanna will get her life back. It is a stage where a patient goes through rehabilitation. A patient finally goes back to his/her life.

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Next Step Is Even More Exciting

“The next step is even more exciting. The next step is about being able to take back your life. It is really what we all want when we’re doing rehabilitation,” says Dr. Christina Kwasnica. Christina is a medical director of Barrow’s Neuro-Rehabilitation Center. Apparently, Jovanna does not remember pretty much about the shooting. She doesn’t recall anything about the night. But there is a video, which she takes shortly before the shooting starts. She shares the video with friends. The video covers a section when Jason Aldean plans to perform. She swings the video to friends, where she is happy and smiling.

During the Las Vegas shooting, a lone gunman books a room in the hotel several days to the event. When the d-day arrives, he starts shooting from his 32nd-floor hotel room. He kills 58 people, injuring several others.

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