Mandalay Bay Hotel Staff Interacts With Shooter Before Shootout

The Mandalay Bay Hotel Staff Interacts With Shooter More Than 10 Times Before Shootout?

Police sources say that an employee working at the hotel meets with the shooter. The latest report says the staff interacts with the Las Vegas shooter at least ten times. These most recent revelations are coming from MGM Resorts International. Also, this is the company that operates Mandalay Bay Resort. During the shooter’s stay in the hotel, a housekeeper visits the man more than ten times. Above all, this is not the first time this news about interaction is coming out. Las Vegas Review-Journal is the first paper to publish this news. The paper says a staff meets with the lone attacker. Also, this happens many days before the man spreads bullets on a crowd.

Why Did The Mandalay Hotel Staff Interact With The Las Vegas Shooter?

Later, police say Stephen Paddock opens fire from his hotel room. Paddock checks on the hotel several days before October 1, 2017. He enters the hotel and books a room on the 32nd floor. Police are yet to know how he manages to bring a firearm to his room. When the fateful day comes, Stephen opens fire to the crowd. Many people are visiting the hotel to attend a country music concert.

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Kills 58 people and leaves hundreds with injuries

He kills 58 people and leaves hundreds with injuries. He late shoots himself before the police break into his room.

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MGM Says No Interactions

MGM says no staff interacts with the guest. In a way, the management says there is no questionable contact. In fact, all the casino is saying is that the staff is doing their job. In the resorts, the job is ‘welfare check.’ “After two consecutive days, there is a ‘Do-Not-Disturb’ sign on the door. During this time, the guest meets no one in-person. He doesn’t contact any housekeeping or other hotel staff on the phone,” MGM reports. The statement goes ahead to say that it is the work of some employees. In fact, they must do welfare checks.

Thus the management says, “Besides, our staff reserves the right to enter the room. They can enter if it is appropriate to conduct a welfare check.” Many of those that suffer injuries go to various hospitals. After weeks of medication, they are finally back to their lives. They are filing lawsuits.

High-Profile Attorneys For The Mandalay Bay?

Many of them are hiring high-profile lawyers to represent them. While claims can be different depending on the client, many are suing for negligence. It is uncertain how Mandalay Bay and MGM Resorts International is deciding. The casino is silent about the claims.

After the shooting, the facility closes down. It is a crime area for many days. Various media houses send their reporters to take pictures of the hotel. Only a few journalists find their way to the scene. But this does not contain anything. News about Las Vegas shooter is soon everywhere. Social media keeps buzzing with news every second. Many of the reports going around contradict with police reports. News about the Las Vegas shooter even creates an impact on the Vegas slogan. The review team of the Las Vegas’ ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ Slogan Is Back suspends it. But the suspension is not over. The slogan is back into use.

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