MGM Raises Parking Fee Four Months After Mandalay Bay Mass Shooting

MGM Raises Parking Fee Four Months After Mandalay Bay October 1 Mass Shooting

If you are planning to visit MGM Resorts, beware that you will pay more to park. The resorts are increasing parking lot fee at different rates. The parking fee rates are at different intervals. The casino conglomerate says that the fee hike mainly affects the four-hour mark. But in many facilities, the price stays static up to 24 hours. When raising the fee, MGM Resorts is categorizing its resorts. For instance, there is core, luxury, and ultra-luxury, which means that the parking lot fee varies from category to category.

Why Is MGM Raises Parking Fee After The Mandalay Bay Shooting?

The parking fee is most high in facilities that are most expensive. These are ultra-luxury.Las Vegas resorts that are under this category are Vdara, the Bellagio, and Aria. A majority of the facilities belong to the core. In this list, you will get Luxor, Excalibur, and Circus Circus. There is no precise definition as to where other facilities lie. But because there are three categories, it is easy to say they belong to ‘Luxury.’

Valet Parking

When introducing the new prices, MGM says that all its Las Vegas properties are in this program. The kind of parking that we are talking about is self-parking. As for valet parking, the increase is uniform across all properties. In a statement on the price rise, MGM Resorts says it is necessary.

Fine-Tuning Staff And Maintenance

“Occasional parking rate adjustments are necessary, which is in order. We are also fine-tuning our staff, maintenance, and equipment. We will continue to do so until we meet guest expectations,” MGM Resorts says. The new parking fee price change starts to work on Wednesday. It affects all the 11 Las Vegas properties. For a long time, the Strip is offering visitors free parking. Above all, this stops in 2016. During this time, MGM Resorts makes the announcement. It is the first casino company to introduce parking levy.

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Caesars Resort Will Increase Their Fees Too?

After introducing the fee, Caesars follow suit. Soon afterward, Wynn Resorts join the bandwagon. In the end, almost all high-end facilities in the Strip start charging parking fees. MGM Resort raises its parking fees for the first time in April 2017. During this debut parking fee rise, the facility does not give any explanation. The casino management says that it is raising the fees for a reason. The casino will use the additional parking fee to improve the parking lot.

Besides, the casino company says that the remaining money will go to the construction of a garage. Granted, MGM is currently building a garage near its Excalibur facility. The 3, 000-space garage will offer visitors more ample space. There’s Free Parking.

Fashion Show Mall and the Palazzo Resort

Now that MGM’s 11 facilities are hiking parking lot fees, what is there for visitors? Will there be free parking at the Strip? There is. But you have to look around if you need free parking. There are a few facilities that still offer free parking. Visitors can pull to Fashion Show Mall and the Palazzo Resorts. Sands Venetian also gives visitors free parking. The MGM Resorts parking fee increment is raising mixed reactions. “After the Mandalay Bay mass shooting, facilities beg for visitors. Now that visitors are returning to the Strip, they are hiking fees. This isn’t a good time,” says casino employee.

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