Nobody Bears Witness To Stephen Paddock’s October 1 Suicide, Police

There are a lot of things going on in the October 1 Las Vegas Shooter suicide. While it is now over four months after the mass shooting, the horror remains. A lot of people are still in various hospitals. They continue to nurse injuries after the shooting. Stephen Paddock starts to shoot at a crowd outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The group is ready and busy enjoying rock concert. Organizers of the concert, the Mandalay Bay operator is not aware of the shooter.

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Why Didn’t Anyone Bear Witness To Stephen Paddock’s October 1 Suicide?

The man walks into the hotel like a regular visitor several days before the concert. Nobody knows his aim. Until the D-day, the management is not aware. Investigations after the shooting now indicate that he books a room early. He doesn’t allow anybody into his hotel suite on the 32nd floor, which is for the longer part of his stay. When he starts to shoot on the crowd on October 1, 2017, the group and security are not aware. He kills 58 people and leaves several others with gunshot wounds.

Police Officers Arrive At The 32nd Floor

Several people go to the hospital. They are in good condition and leave the hospital for home. But others, who suffer many injuries, are still in the hospital. When the shooting starts, it is evident that the management calls for the police. By the time officers arrive at the 32nd floor, Stephen Paddock is dead. Police later say that after shooting at the crowd, Stephen kills himself. The investigation is going on for four months now. Upon concluding the report, police release it to the public.

Las Vegas Shooter killed himself before anyone gets into the room

Sgt. Jerry MacDonald from the Metropolitan Police Department speaks. He says that when offers arrive in the room, he is dead. “He kills himself before anyone gets into the room,” MacDonald tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal. This latest report clears the mess surrounding earlier rumors. Immediately after the shooting and his death, many people say that police witness his death. This allegation will mean that a police officer or police officers kill the shooter.

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The Police conclude that the Las Vegas shooter kills himself

But now police say that nobody bears witness how the shooter dies. Police conclude that the Las Vegas shooter kills himself. He ensures that he does so before anyone else enters the room. One such a report says that the officers see Stephen Paddock kill himself. In fact, the report is out on October 2, 2017, which is a few hours after the shooting. The report alleges that police, who are the first to enter Stephen’s room, see him. By the time the police break into his room, they find him placing a gun on himself. He then shoots one round, which kills him.

unclear reports about his SWAT officers

MacDonald is the officer who requests for the search warrant the morning of October 2. He says that this is one of the most unclear reports about his SWAT officers. “That night was crazy. You get information on the Las Vegas shooter coming in. It’s fluid. You cannot confirm any of the information. It is very raw, and much of it is pure hearsay, which happens when you’re doing telephonic search warrants. You base those search warrants on what you believe up to that point,” says MacDonald.

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