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Steve Wynn Is Building A Fourth Hotel In Nevada

Steve Wynn is a man to watch. The casino entrepreneur is building the fourth resort in Las Vegas. Wynn is making the hotel at a time many people do not expect. After the October 1 Mandalay Bay Hotel shooting, business falls. It is possible to use this as an excuse for expansion. But Steve doesn’t do this. Instead, the billionaire casino mogul is focusing on how to make things even better. According to him, building a Las Vegas hotel is his pride. Above all, this is what he wants to do. Whether he is a young man or an old man. He wants to build more hotels. Also, this is of course if he has the resources at hand.

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Why Is Steve Wynn Is Building Another Las Vegas Hotel?

The new hotel will have 3, 000 suites. The rooms will be different from what other three hotels have. Steve Wynn says that they will have TV screens with over 80-inches. Besides, Steve says that they will have the ceiling to floor windows. These will give visitors a perfect view of the Strip. He goes on to say that each room will have a spacious bathroom. Everything in the rooms will be exceptional.

Increase In Room Price?

The interviewer asks Wynn whether according to him the rooms will be affordable. “Well, they are. But I can assure you that the price can be more than double the current price,” he says. Wynn goes on to defend his price saying that the rooms are big. Amenities are exceptional. On average, rates on the proposed hotel will cost $400 per night. Currently, the average price of a hotel room in Las Vegas is $149. But there are others that stretch to stretch to somewhere $249 or even more.

Air-Conditioned Hallway To Join Properties

The new hotel will sit where Frontier hotel lies at one point. It is not far from Wynn’s other two properties. In fact, the casino magnate says that he will join the new casino with others. He will use an air-conditioned hallway to connect the resorts. Steve says that he doesn’t see why he cannot have more than 8, 000 rooms. Why? He quickly answers, “The hotel business is profitable. With our hotel rates, we operate at 50/60 percent of the business in the rooms section.”

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Higher hotel Room Rates in Las Vegas?

The casino mogul has a lot to say when the interviewer seeks to know more. For instance, he asks Wynn if he feels that he is building many rooms. He is also supposed to address the issue of higher hotel room rates in Vegas. “There is nowhere in the world you can get a room like that at that rate. Above all, this is a town of 160,000 rooms, in the middle of 6 million square feet of convention space. Also, there are at least 500,000 or 600,000 feet of our own. Vegas has ballrooms and meeting rooms of the highest caliber. And I’m going to get those damn buildings up as fast as I can. I want to capture more of the inevitable tourist traffic. Las Vegas will experience in the next 15 to 20 years,” Wynn adds.

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