What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas’

Las Vegas’ ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ Slogan Is Back

It is three months since the famous Las Vegas Massacre. Most importantly, this is the word that went around in big and small media houses. It happens after a lone attacker spreads fire at a crowd. Above all, this is not good Las Vegas news. After the Mandalay October shooting, it is necessary to put the slogan on hold. The responsible authority puts on hold the use of Vegas slogan. During the massacre, a lone attacker spreads fire on a crowd. The people are gathering at Mandalay Bay hotel. They are here for a country music concert.

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After opening fire, the attacker kills 58 people. Several others survive with wounds. The attacker is Stephen Paddock. It is now three months after the shooting. While families of those victims are groaning, Vegas has to move on. To bring back the glory of the city, the slogan is essential. The responsible body reviews the motto this week. After broader consultations with several stakeholders, the slogan is back. Las Vegas is using the slogan for over 15 years.

The slogan reads, ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here.” If you take it literally, whatever happens, remains. Whatever you see in Sin City, leave it when you go. It can be anything. Immediately after the announcement that the slogan is back, tourists take photos. Many people rush to the streets to locate the banner. The aim is to have a moment on the flag. The work of the review team is to look at how people react. Many people want the slogan back. They say that it is time everything takes place remains. Everything can be either good or bad. But the main point is that whatever it is should stay in Vegas.

Is The Shooting The Reason The What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” Slogan Is Back?

After the Mandalay Bay shooting in October, there is need to hold the banner. Instead, VegasStrong banner comes up. But this is a temporary banner on top of Mandalay Bay. In October and through the following months, the news is everywhere. Many media houses report that it is one of the deadliest massacres. Indeed, when you look at many years back, it is the deadliest. The other deadliest incident took place in 1980. During this unfortunate fire incident, 85 people die. Again, it is inside MGM property.

You can then imagine how news will spread. What is more, the insecurity incident is taking place inside MGM properties. Worst of all, it is in a crowd of people enjoying themselves. Las Vegas is home to the world’s major casinos. Many tourist attractions are in Sin City. Big events such as boxing, jackpots, and music attract millions. Above all, this makes it an easy target for perpetrators. According to the slogan review committee, normalcy is back. Because of this, it is important to bring back the slogan. Many people feel that it should come back.

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People are recovering so does the city. The gaming industry needs to move in months after the unfortunate incident. “We went back a little bit. The research says people want their slogan back. They want their Vegas back. That is what we are giving them,” the slogan review team says. Las Vegas news can now change to good news.

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